Building Life, Building Lives

What Is Building Life, Building Lives?

Family Life Center Project

It was the vision of Bishop David Stephens many years ago to build a family life center, and foundational plans were prepared. When Pastor Wilkerson assumed the Senior Pastorate of Life Christian Church in 2021, he began to explore the possibility of making this vision become a reality.

In February of 2022, Pastor Wilkerson was seated on a plane at the Lansing trying to rejoin his family in Tennessee for the following week. After boarding the plane, the passengers were informed that the airspace of the location of his connecting flight had been shut down, and they would not be permitted to depart Lansing for around an hour. Pastor Wilkerson later described how he fidgeted uncomfortably for at least an hour on the plane until they were able to take off. As they began their descent into the Washington, D.C., airspace, he noticed how quickly the time had passed in the air compared to how slowly it had passed while they were delayed on the ground. Pastor Wilkerson realized it was because they were making progress in the air. Pastor Wilkerson felt a strong impression of the Spirit that God so designed for him to experience that delay so that he would notice the progress in the air, and God would be able to demonstrate to him that it would be necessary for him to “show progress” in order for the family life center project become a reality.

Life Christian Church is preparing to embark on a three-year campaign to raise the final funds necessary for not only completing the gymnasium, but also taking care of a few pressing maintenance needs around the church. We believe that God is going to finish the project that began as a vision in the heart of Bishop David Stephens many years ago.

We invite you to view the message Pastor Wilkerson preached introducing the purpose of the campaign below.

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